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Mendacks NT


Mendacks House & Garden is a National Trust property in Wiltshire. After the death of Charles, the great-grandson of Henry Hoare, the original owner of the property, a set of photographic negatives were discovered than are believed to have been taken by Henry Hoare’s daughter Jemima. These show the changes Jemima was making to the property in the autumn/ winter of 1907 and allow us to compare Mendacks now and as it was when Jemima had taken over the management of it following the death of her father in 1900.


Some of Jemima Hoare’s photographs of the Mendacks Estate in 1907 


Views of Mendacks today


A small booklet was produced by The National Trust to mark the discovery of the 1907 photographs taken by Jemima Hoare which is available for download:

Mendacks pdf leaflet

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*Please note, all information on this page and in the accompanying leaflet is falsified.
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