Context and Narrative

A Record of my OCA Study by Sarah Scott


What’s this site about?

It’s about a photography course I’m studying with The Open College of the Arts called Context and Narrative. Part of the course requirement is an online ‘learning log’ and this site is here to fulfil that purpose. It’s a record of how I am engaging with the course materials and my responses to them. It’s part record keeping, part personal diary and part gallery.

Who are you anyway?

I’m Sarah. I live in Dorset. I take a lot of photographs; it’s my job. I also play violin, write, and make books. I like to create.

Tell me about your photos.. what genre do you work in?

I don’t have a genre that typifies my work. I take and make photographs of anything that I find inspiring or anything people ask for, in both film and digital formats. Alternative photography is a particular interest. During the summer I make a lot of cyanotypes and I have experience in teaching cyanotype workshops. Winter is great for working in the darkroom. I paint in both oils and acrylics and I often use photography as part of this; I am always experimenting. So I can’t define a genre for myself.

Can I use images from this site?

All images and text on this site are mine (unless stated otherwise) and may not be used without my permission. Please note that headings, questions and research points in italics included in some exercises and research points are from the OCA material and are included for clarity.

What’s next?

Apart from this continuing study of photography, next up for me is experimentation with the moving image.

Obligatory bathroom selfie

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