I’ve not written on this blog for a while now so for future reference (for course assessors) I thought I should explain why not, and what I’ve been up to.

  1. I needed a break from photography. It’s been so huge in my mind for ages that for a little while I just needed to take photos of my dog and kids like everyone else.
  2. Everywhere I look I see a photo that needs to be taken and a point that needs to be made. It’s exhausting and I needed to let myself off for a while. SarahScott516860_Peoples_vote_march_2019 (133 of 375)
  3. I have photos I need to take to explore my past experience. The course has been going on at a time when issues are coming up that I needed time to deal with, to sit with and process. I want to include this work in the course, but I can’t always face it when I need to, or make something out of it very quickly. There are some very mundane subjects I’ve been photographing for several years now that speak of my childhood experience. I don’t know when I’ll finish (if ever) or what the final work looks like. But frequently, the idea of doing this work fills up my entire consciousness every time I pick up my camera. 
    Mum’s garden

    Mental hospital
  4. I’ve been taking photos, I just haven’t been sure if I wanted to use them for the course or not. SarahScott516860_march_ride_2019 (5 of 37)
  5. I’ve been continuing to set up my online sales which has taken a lot longer than I thought it would.