Part 1, Project 5 Exercise 1

IMG_4728 copy
Proof that the mini-cat, whose existence has long been suspected, is real and lives among us.

How this was achieved:

2 original files:

I used the quick selection tool to cut out Captain Keith (the cat), grew and feathered the edges, and then copied and pasted into the fungi image.

Then I went to Edit> Free Transform to change the size of Captain so he’d be fungi sized. I then added a layer mask to the cat layer. Then, by selecting the brush tool, I painted onto the mask with black and white until I felt he was blended in to the background. I also created a separate levels layer for the background and the cat, but I also needed to add a curves layer to adjust the lighting on the Captain. I adjusted the curves layer until the he looked right, painted the entire thing in black, and then painted him in white so the effect was only applied to him.

Then I got carried away and did this, which is rubbish but it amuses me.

Mini-cat and music
Mini-cat with mini devil cellist and the mini actor Brendan Fraser. Why? I don’t know. Obviously I spent a LOT less time on this one.

Here I’m working with ‘mini-cats’ and adding two very hastily cut out images; one is me with my cello (don’t ask) and the other is a photo of the actor Brendan Fraser (the odd shape that’s cut out of him is me pulling a daft face). I didn’t add any curves/ levels or anything to this; it’s just for fun.

cut out images

Mini Cats Update 19/2/19

I was looking at TinType by Hipstamatic and I thought about using it to make mini-cats appear more authentic. I think it works because of the link we have between a material image, the past and authenticity.

TinType-572115413.321209 (1)TinType-572115413.321209 (2)TinType-572115413.321209 (3)