Images from this week (to 16th November 2018)

I felt a bit stuck this week; I’d been shut in reading and researching for the past two weeks. I’ve decided my new tactic for this course will be to study each part and complete all the ‘academic’ bits first, then to go back and tackle the photography and creative parts. I think that will work for me as I find a mixture of the two quite difficult as they require me to be in quite different places internally. I don’t know if that makes sense, but my new tutor seemed to get where I was at when we had our first tutorial yesterday. He suggested I look at Rhizomatic Theory to investigate a new way of thinking about how I might work / learn. After a quick hunt online I found this video which seems the most straightforward explanation that I could find. I’ve also ordered myself a new sketchbook on his recommendation.

One thing I have learnt about myself is that if I feel I can’t take any photos then the first thing I should do is go out and take some photos – lots of photos of anything at all. It was an overcast day and there was something about the colours of plants and brick walls that was really appealing to me as I walked into town. I took a few images, and then found myself developing a temporary, slightly unusual obsession, with brick walls.

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I had planned on writing when I arrived home, but the political turmoil going on in the UK is having an effect on my concentration and sleep; I am worried. I can’t produce the quality of academic writing that I want to today, and so I got on with more practical things like filing, scanning, and starting an image transfer. I’ve had these feathers hanging around for a while so I’ve scanned them with the possibility of using them in Photoshop later on.




The image transfer I am working on:


This is a mixed media image transfer that I’ve photographed and then put through an app called Enlight. I’ve printed it out using a colour laser printer and I’m transferring it to a square canvas. I have no idea how it will turn out. It’s all an experiment at the moment!